When is a blog not a blog?

When it is a quiz!

At the Crossing Borders: Understanding the Newcomer Experience conference hosted jointly by South East and Central Healthy Child Coalitions in mid-May, the following quiz was part of a role-play activity.

Judging by the number of copies remaining at the end of the session, not many participants took advantage of the opportunity to show how much they knew about Canadian slang.

There are many sayings and slang words that are common to all English-speaking countries, but Canada has some of its own.

So here it is. Have fun. And if there are people who request the answers, I will be happy to oblige with “When is a blog not a blog? Part 2”


Please circle all answers that apply:

1, What is pop?

a) A name for your father

b) The sound a burst balloon makes

c) What a weasel does

d) A soft drink

2,What are snowbirds?

a) White-haired Canadians who spend their winters in the United States

b) The birds in a song made famous by Anne Murray

c) Canada’s military aerobatics or air show flight demonstration team

d) Tiny little birds who make nests in a snow bank.

3, What is a cop shop?

a) A place to rent a police officer by the hour.

b) A store in which you can purchase police uniforms.

c) The local police station

d) The local Tim Hortons

4, What are dainties?

a) Women’s frilly underwear

b) Delicious treats served at Christmas and bridal showers

c) Finicky eaters

d) Breakables

5, What would I do with a toque?

a) Carry my mitts in it

b) Forget it at home

c) Put it on my head

d) Never take it off

6. What does kitty-corner mean?

a) Where two cats meet

b) Located diagonally across from

c) Two women gossiping in a corner (Meow)

d) All of the above

7. What is pogey?

a) An affectionate name for your pogo stick

b) Your dog’s name

c) Employment insurance

d) Lazy man’s perogies.

8. “He was doing 90 clicks.” What does that mean?

a) He was travelling at 90 kilometers per hour.

b) His keyboard speed is 90 words a minute.

c) He had sent out 90 text messages in the last 24 hours.

d) He scored 90 out of 100 on a video game.

9. My goodness, what a kerfluffle. What is a kerfluffle?

a) An all-natural handmade marshmallow

b) An upsetting event

c) The same thing as a kerfuffle

d) An Australian truffle tasting event

10. Am I ever bushed. What should I do?

a) Get out of the bush.

b) Get some sleep.

c).Beat the bushes to wake the birds.

d) Call for help.

11. What do you mean “nuisance grounds”?

a) The brown stuff at the bottom of your coffee cup.

b) Time out space for your children.

c) A garbage dump

d) All of the above.

12, What is hydro?

a) Electric power

b) The masculine form of hydra

c) A narcotic drug

d) A health spa



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