We’ve come a long way

This fall, Healthy Child Coalition – Central Region will publish a new and updated manual for its Kit and Kaboodle family literacy program.

The existing manuals are dated 2006 and were the end-product of many hours of research and work by developers Lois Burr and Carol Gardiner. But as time moved on, some of the information contained in the manuals became obsolete. And community facilitators had suggestions for how the manual could be improved.

We’re hoping that the new manual, when it is finished, will reflect the changes that the last eight years have brought.

There’s another change that I have noted recently. In my still quite new position as training facilitator, I held two Kit & Kaboodle training sessions in late May – one in Carman and the second in Gladstone.

I discovered that some of the topics included in the original training outline were no longer necessary. Many of the participants were already trained facilitators of other programs – Bookmates programs, for example, Shake Rattle and Roll, Wiggle Giggle and Munch. Or they were parents who had come with their own children to Kit and Kaboodle programs in their home communities.

They already knew many of the songs and rhymes. They shared ideas on how the program has been adapted in other communities. They were well versed in techniques for reading to children.

Most importantly, they fully understood the rationale behind the program. They knew why rhymes were important. They were committed to the value of reading to and with their children.

I was preaching to the already converted.

When you think about it, what a testament to the work done over the past decade and to the people who did that work.



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